Amby (xbetrayedx) wrote,

Man, how times have changed

This was copied from my Xanga account:

I wrote here a few years ago. It was in March 2010. I didn't know it yet, but I was pregnant at the time of my last blog entry. It did not end well. I ended up having a miscarriage by emergency surgery. I was hemorrhaging and had to have an emergency d&c performed almost immediately. I lost so much blood that I was back in the hospital just a few days later to be given blood. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. In May, Jay and I married. As soon as we could, we tried for a family again several times with failed attempts. After my second miscarriage in July of 2011, we ignored my doctors request to wait and tried for a third time. I'm so glad that we didn't listen to the doctor because at the end of September of that same year (2011) we found out I was pregnant again. This time, everything looked great and was progressing as it should. Everyone, especially the two of us were nervous throughout the entire pregnancy. After two miscarriages, we had good reason. In January of 2012, we found out the sex of our baby. It's a girl!!! We decided to name her Emily Michelle, who entered our world May 21, 2012. She has completely changed our lives and things couldn't be better. We had a little rough start after she was born because we both had complications, mine lasted about double the amount of time it should have been due to a nasty infection. I couldn't hardly sit, walk, stand...I couldn't do anything without help because of the excruciating pain I was in. Thankfully that's over now and I'm able to enjoy life with my beautiful baby girl. She is now 7 months and time is going by to fast! It needs to slow down.

I've read over a few journal entries from the past and wow what an improvement I have made in myself. I do not hardly use fowl language,only when I'm angry and I'm trying to work on that. Certain things that seemed important then, like friends doing me wrong and other things, just don't matter now. All that matters is my little family, our extended families, and the few good friends we have left.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose..but it's okay to try again."

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